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  1. Competition Runs from Round 1 to Round 25 and does not include the finals series.
  2. State of Origin series will be included in the tipping rounds.
  3. Cost is $50.00
  4. $10.00 is to be paid upfront. Remaining $40.00 to be paid in full by round 5 (8th April 2021).
  5. One point is awarded for picking winner of each game in a round.
  6. You are unable to pick a draw, and no draw points will be awarded, as the game rules make it very unlikely for a draw to occur.
  7. 3 extra points are awarded for choosing a perfect round in a round that has 7 games or more. No extra points will be awarded in rounds where the number of games has been reduced to less than 7.
  8. Minor Premiership 5 Bonus Points 5 Bonus points awarded for picking the team who will win the minor premiership for the year. Must be entered by Round 5.
  9. Joker Round Choose a round as your joker round prior to Round 15 (not eligible in round 13). You will earn double points for each win in your chosen Joker Round (does not apply to perfect round or minor premiership ponus points).
  10. Picks must be entered online 15 mins before the first match starts each week, or if entering in person at the Inala TAB, 1 hour before the first match starts.
  11. If you don't have your picks entered in before the deadline, then you will recieve the same score as the lowest tip-ster for that week.
  12. Competition Organisers will not be required to pay for entrance.
  13. LIABILITY By participating in this competition, each participant acknowledges and agrees that this competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered, or associated with Tabcorp Holdings Limited or its related bodies corporate (Tabcorp) and fully releases Tabcorp from any and all liability attaching to this competition.

Gamble Responsibly

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Final prize money will be determined based on the amount of entrants, and will be announced after monies have been collected. All prizes (including weekly prize) will not be distributed until the end of all tipping rounds.
Weekly Prize
  • $10 will be awarded to the single person who picks the highest number of games in a round.
  • If two or more people share the highest picks for a round, the prize will jackpot to the next week.
  • In the final week of competition, all players will be asked to pick the margin in a game. If the jackpot fails to be awarded in the final week, the prize will be awarded to the person who pickd the most correct games for that week, and was closest to the correct margin.
Prize Pool
The remaining prize pool will be divided (approx.) as 60% for 1st prize, 25% for 2nd and 15% for 3rd
1st Prize
  • If there is a draw for first place, prize monies from 1st and 2nd place will be shared between the two winners. 3rd place will then be shared between the people with the next highest score.
  • If there is three or more people with the same total, then the prize monies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be shared between all of the winners.
2nd Prize
  • If there is one outright 1st place winner, but two (or more) people tie for 2nd place, the 2nd and 3rd place dividends will be shared between all of the winners.
3rd Prize
  • If there is one outright 1st place winner, and one outright 2nd place winner, the 3rd place dividend will be shared between the people with the next highest score.

NRL + AFL - Last Man Standing Competition RULES

  1. There are two separate Last Man Standing Competitions - one for the NRL and one for the AFL
  2. Entry to the competitions is $10 each and must be paid prior to the start of Round 1.
  3. Users are allowed entry to both competitions.
  4. Competition begins in week 1 of the respective NRL/AFL seasons.
  5. Each week, users must select a team in the NRL/AFL that will win in that round
  6. You can only pick teams who are scheduled for a game that round - if you a select a team scheduled for a Buy it will count as a loss and you will be eliminated.
  7. You can only select a team once per competition - so choose carefully.
  8. If your selected team wins their match, you will proceed to the following round.
  9. If you fail to submit a team before the round begins, or your team does not win their match, you will be eliminated.
  10. In the situation that more than one participant survives long enough to exhaust all available teams, the available team list will be reset for the remaining participants to continue.
  11. Selection can be submitted online or in person at the Inala or North Ipswich TAB
  12. The competition will run to the end of the last round of the NRL/AFL competitions (excludes the finals series) or until there is only one entrant remaining
  13. The total prize pool will be determined once all playesr are paid up for the competition.
  14. 100% of the prize pool will be awarded to the final participant in each competition, or if there are two or more participants left at the end of the season, the prize pool will be equally divided between them.
  15. If multiple people are eliminated in the same round leaving no one left in the competition, all participants in that round will be considered the last man standing and the prize pool will be equally divided between them.

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